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  • Indigo is an Indian restaurant located in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania, serving authentic Indian dishes, prepared by skilled Indian chefs.

    If you are a gourmand Indigo should be on your must visit list. Our menu offers a large variety of dishes from hot and spicy food all the way to completely non-spicy dishes, their common element being the incredibly creative mixing of spices and aromas.

    Vegetarians and vegans can choose among a wide selection of delicious dishes. Meat-lovers can also choose between chicken, lamb, fish and pork dishes.

    For beginners with Indian cuisine, we recommend some of the favourites:

    Reshami Kebab for non-spicy dish: Cubes of chicken marinated in cashew, sour cream, cheese, ginger and garlic paste, cooked in traditional Indian Tandoor oven.

    For a mildly spicy dish you can try Palak Paneer, a mild spinach curry with Indian Paneer cheese, or the world-famous Chicken Tikka Masala.

    For the hardcore chilly lovers, we recommend the very spicy Vindaloo and Madras curries from South and West of India. They leave a lingering hot taste on your tongue long after you have finished eating them.

    Whatever be your taste, ask us. Looking forward to seeing you at INDIGO!


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