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  • Restaurant Enoteca Amphora – Savoir vivre!

    Restaurant Amphora in Timisoara is one of the top restaurants in the city, located in the heart of the old citadel. Restaurant Amphora is situated in Maria Theresia Bastion, the fortified citadel, on the same location where hundreds of years ago, the soldiers of the Habsburg Empire kept their provisions, food and wine. The whole area, as we know it today, was a big pantry of dainties. Times have changed, the old citadel is not meant to defend the city from invaders nowadays, but to offer the inhabitants of the city and tourists an eclectic place, in which the old architecture and the need of the modern client, to evade in a space where good nice, elegant gourmet cuisine, wine tasting dining, quality jazz and the relaxed and warm atmosphere, combine perfectly.

    Restaurant Enoteca Amphora associates tradition with the contemporary, classicism with innovation, fine cuisine with the flavor of an exceptional glass of wine. The space is relaxing and welcoming and suited for business meetings, dining with friends or family, corporate events or private parties.

    Fine gourmet dishes, cooked with first quality ingredients, carefully selected, full of flavors and infused with the most perfumed mixture of spices – some of it grown on our own terrace -, awarded wines from the most important wineries in Romania and Europe, all linked together at Amhora to create that special atmosphere the modern client is looking for. Long story short, we invite you to be the beneficiary of a complete experience offered to the ones, whom, like us, understand that we have to accept fully what life has to offer best, to the ones who understand the concept of „savoir vivre”!

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