Burse in Grecia: MASTER Programs & Scholarships in Crete, Greece 2012 2013

The Business Economics and Management program offered at the Mediterranean Agronomic  Institute    of  Chania    (MAICh)      consists    of   a  two-year    post-graduate      intensive    course   that
provides outstanding theoretical and practical training in the following business-related fields:  Management,         Marketing      and    Market     Research,     e-Commerce,        Regional      and   Financial  Management, Business Economics and Rural Development.

One of the trademarks of the program of study is that it has formed strong affiliations with  academics   from   distinguished   universities   in   the   EU   and   USA.         Students   work   alongside  prominent   and   well   known   professors   from   institutions   such   as   London   Business   School  (UK), Maastricht University (NL), Wageningen University (NL), Ghent University (BL), the  University  of   Copenhagen  (DK),   Newcastle   University   (UK)   and   University   of   Arkansas  (USA).

The   Business   Economics   and   Management   program   plays   a   very   active   role   in   aiding  students   to   obtain   financial   assistance   to   pursue   PhD   studies   with   full   scholarships.   As  MAICh   is   a   highly   accredited   institute   recognized   by   the   relevant   EU   authorities  many  graduates are accepted directly to PhD programs of internationally renowned universities  such     as  the   Universities     of  Nebraska,      Purdue,    Penn    State    and   Florida    (USA),     the  Universities of Saskatchewan and Laval (CA), Swinburne University (AU), the University  of   Ghent   (BL),   Wales   University  (UK),   Wageningen   University   (NL),   the   University   of  Athens, TUC and AUTH (GR).

A   considerable   number   of   MAICh   graduates   are   pursuing   exceptional   careers   such   as  faculty professors and university researchers, some are holding esteemed positions such as  Dean   and   Department        Directors,   while   many   have   returned   to   their   own   countries       as  university     faculty   members.      As   a  consequence       of  the  knowledge      and    skills  acquired  through      this  highly     competitive     international     program,      MAICh      graduates     are   also  employed in top executive positions in the private and public sectors.

Admission   to  the   program   is   based   on  an   assessment   of   the   students’   qualifications   for   the  proposed      program     of   study   and    entails   specific   credit,   course,   thesis   and    examination  requirements to ensure the quality of the program.                Applicant prerequisites include having a  BSc   degree   in   a   discipline   compatible   with   the   area   of   specialization   requested   such   as   in  Economics,       Business,     Agriculture,    Engineering,      Social   or   other   related   sciences    and   an  exceptional   academic   record,   as   well   as   fluency   and   competency   in   the   English   language.

Full   scholarships   for   tuition,   board,   and   accommodation,   including   medical   insurance  are available to eligible, highly qualified candidates.

For    further   information     and   the  required    application     forms,   visit  the  MAICh       website    at  http://www.maich.gr email enquiries may be sent to baouraki@maich.gr

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